Evija | Ointments
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– Health prevention, strengthening the immune system;

– Use of burns and frostbite cases;

– Wound healing;

– thermal, chemical skin lesions (1-1.5 min. The applied ointment relieves pain does not burn effects);

– dry eczema cases;

– bone pain, fractures, radiculitis, salt deposits, aching joints rubbing case;

– bronchitis and respiratory treatment;

– Running nose case to lubricate the nasal mucosa;

– gastritis, gastric ulcers, mucositis healing, including purulent ulcers of legs;

– The prostate gland inflammation, mastitis and maternal nipple rupture treat

– Itching cases;

– After cancer surgery scar is used and irradiated in place of a lubricant;

– inflamed veins and venous node event;

– inflammation of the bladder and bowel distension case of massaging the belly of the flowers;

– Antifungal effects butters a thin layer in the morning and evening;

– cosmetic purposes, a thin layer of light massaging movements spread on the skin, heals sores and is delayed occurrence of wrinkles;

– massage after bath.


More information

-Veģetārā ointment “Evija”

Suitable for vegetarians grease with vegetable oil.

Classical EVIJA ointments containing existing lard is replaced by the Northern olive oil.

Expiration date: 2 years

Available sizes: 30 ml; 100 ml; 150 ml


More information

-Ziede “Evija” with Stevia

New – ointment “Evija” with stevia extract.

Stevia with their characteristics complement the flowers: “Classical ointment EVIJA” and enhances healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Stevia has antibacterial and tonic effect, leading to the promoted inflammation reduction and skin healing and regeneration.

It reduces the formation of scar tissue

Expiration date: 2 years

Available sizes: 30 ml